Contact & Appointments

I work by appointment at Buju Tattoo, located in Mission Hills, San Diego, CA.

Email me at:

Or fill out a tattoo request form at BUJUTATTOO.COM

Instagram:   @megknobel  &  @buju_tattoo

Call us at: 619.866.6856

I do bookings for several months at a time, then close my books until the end of that period when I’ll announce (on Instagram or in a direct email reply) the next consult dates. They’re set up like “office  hours,” meaning just come by during the window of time listed, have your references and deposit ready, and it will be first-come/first-served for getting on the books.

All first-time clients must make a deposit before setting an appointment date. Deposits go toward the cost of your tattoo session, and are non-refundable. If you let me know far enough in advance about the need to reschedule, I can transfer the deposit to your rescheduled session, but cancellations, no-shows, and last minute reschedules will result in a loss of the deposit. If you reschedule/cancel indefinitely, after 6 months from your original appt date your deposit will be forfeited. Thanks for understanding, we are wonderfully busy and another client would gladly fill your spot if you let me know in advance!

Our shop minimum is $100. We price individually for pieces that take less than 2 hr, & for longer sessions we have a shop rate of $150 per hour. Your deposit goes towards your session cost.

If we are setting up an appointment long-distance, the link below is for a paypal deposit (please only leave a deposit after we’ve confirmed).



Buju Tattoo
914 W. Washington St
San Diego, CA 92103

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